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Change what you want at any time you want!


The idea of the app came up in a conversation with friends who were always changing their home, city, state or country. They always found it very difficult to exchange everything they had accumulated, which was no longer useful to them.


At this moment in which we live, everyone has too much to do, in a short amount of time. Making it very difficult to find enough time to negotiate the exchange for products. In other applications already existing today, normally they generate lots of messages of potential exchanges for products, so many times users haven't got the slightest interest.

The UX

Before beginning the entire Wireframes process, a quantitative survey was conducted with approximately 100 people from the most diverse profiles, students, immigrants, young people living in a particular region, where they were asked what they miss most in existing used objects. With the data here, I have created a more "personal" touch, in terms of user profiles for this application.

Simplified Useflow


It's more than an application, it's a social networking for exchange. Here you can exchange products and follow people, In a simple, quick and easy way. You can advertise your products and select which product categories interest you most. The platform will cross check the data & from there you will only see the objects within that defined category. if you are interested in one product just give a "Like", and hope the user on the other side also gives a "Like", if yes to both, then it will automatically open a chat window and you can organize the exchange!