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Dedicated promotions, incentives, hot offers, special pricing,
HP takes it one step further to help you earn more.


The Business Partner, the objective of the program is to help partners grow their sales and profitability, reward their performance and initiative and create a more efficient, integrated and flexible processes. Be a part of the best team in the market!


HP is a global technology company working with numerous products and not all products are for sale in all countries.
Each country sells its specific products, so today there is the HP Business Portal, a portal for HP partners to find information on the products for sale in their respective countries with all the information related to their points program.

What we have today?

Before we start design and create any kind of strategy, I did a lot of research inside the existing portal, how it works on mobile phones, and what the most accessed areas were, in addition to conducting a survey with current portal users.


With the current growth in the use of applications we decided to create an application only with the items that the partners actually uses, in addition to a calendar and calendar session.

The UX

The main challenge of this project was that we are creating something for a B2B sales, where customers are much more accustomed to calling directly to their agents and buying directly over the phone, a strategy already used for many years. So the UX part was one of the most important, using AB tests and User interviews to really know what they really needed on this application to avoid the same error on the portal and at the end no one use.

Simplified Useflow

Because it is an application with more than one functionality, we define some as main, they are:

  • Product Finder;
  • Call me back
  • Rewards / Product List;
  • Certificates and Status of your Program;
  • Promotions.
  • The APP and the features

    As explained earlier the application contains 4 main features, 2 of which will actually increase the number of sales.

    The Product Finder: a feature designed to help customers choose exactly what they need, they can select for example how many pages they print per month, or what processor they are looking for and only the products that fit the profile that they are looking for will appear.

    Call me back: a feature so the customer can make an almost immediate contact with an HP representative. After you have used the Product Finder and found a product you are interested in, you request a direct call from your phone and within a few minutes you will receive a call from an agent.By clicking on "Call me Back" the phone number you have on your account are connected directly to the HP sales call system, you enter a queue and receive the call, and the agent already knows exactly which product you are interested in.

    The APP: final screens and prototype