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Cooking has never been easier!


An application for tablets with the intention of helping all those who like to cook but do not have the skills!


Before starting to develop the application I would like to say a little bit about the use of the tablets. I did quantitative research with about 40 people to understand a little more about if a revenue application would really be useful for that audience.

What exist today?

The applications existing today in their majority are weak and with few features, that do not demonstrate exactly how to cook in laymans terms, for the general public.

Simplifed Userflow


A vivid color application that teaches you step by step how to make a recipe, plus with innovative functionality. You can use ingredients you have at home and it gives you the recipes that match those ingredients! In addition, with a built-in timer it optimizies the preparation time of the dish whilst doing one thing it already shows you what you can do next to advance the process.

Wifreframes Drafts